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About Us

Formed in November 2013, the Glenwood South Neighborhood Collaborative’s goals are to bring residents and merchants together to strengthen our community and to develop models for communication and collaboration around issues affecting our neighborhood.

Organization: A board elected by the membership and consisting of resident, merchant and partner organization representatives meets monthly to administer collaborative projects and initiatives.   Neighborhood meetings are held periodically and membership is open to businesses and residents within the neighborhood boundaries and friends of GSNC.

Mission & Goals

Mission Statement: Empowering residents, merchants, and community-based organizations to work together to maximize the vitality and appeal fo Glenwood South as a neighborhood that is attractive to residents and visitors.


  • Provide a platform for interaction between residents and merchants.

  • Improve neighborhood walkability for residents and visitors through clean and safe projects and public art projects.

  • Expand commercial activity for merchants through daytime and family oriented events and activites.

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