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Getting Around Glenwood South






Gotcha & Lime


Removing Parking Restrictions to Increase Pedestrian Safety

In April 2015 after many months lobbying with the City, the GSNC was successful in having parking restrictions removed along Glenwood Avenue.  The restrictions prevented parking during peak commuting hours.

By removing the restrictions to allow parking at all times on Glenwood Avenue (between Tucker Street and Hillsborough Street), the additional parking naturally slows down traffic, creates a sidewalk buffer for pedestrians, and opens up more customer parking for neighborhood visitors.

Street Scape Improvement

In March 2014, 40 neighborhood volunteers participated in an inventory, identifying areas in the neighborhood streetscape that required attention by the city to improve walkability.  Each volunteer was given a checklist for assessing factors like uneven sidewalks, poor  lighting and issues regarding crossing safety.

Within a few months after submitting a detailed report to city staff, the majority of the identified broken sidewalks were repaired.  Additionally, in August 2014 the city worked with Duke Energy to upgrade all neighborhood street lamps using LED technology.

In April 2014, the GSNC organized a sidewalk clean-up event.   25 merchants and residents worked together to power wash sidewalks, trim overgrown weeds and pick up trash.

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