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Noise Ordinace

On 12/5/23, City Council authorized a repeal of the Amplified Entertainment Ordinance and enacted the Nightlife Permit Ordinance. Council also authorized updates to the Noise Ordinance at their meeting on 1/2/24. Both authorizations came after a multi-year effort to research, rewrite, collect public feedback, and edit the ordinances.
Both the Nightlife Permit Ordinance and the updated Noise Ordinance went into effect on 2/3/24.

Noise Ordinance
The updated Noise Ordinance applies to the enforcement and control of all sound originating within the jurisdictional limits of the City. The “reasonable person” standard in the updated noise ordinance replaces the former “decibel reading” standard.
Amplified entertainment is governed under the Noise Ordinance, not the Nightlife Permit Ordinance.

Noise Feedback Form

The City of Raleigh is mindful of the impact an establishment’s amplified noise may have on neighboring residents.  Those that become affected by an establishment’s sound are encouraged to utilize this noise feedback form.  This form provides business contact information for residents to reach out to mitigate any issues and/or submit feedback to the Office of Special Events.  The form does not generate a police response.  For a police response, please call the non-emergency number at 919-831-6311.

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