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Hospitality District Ordinace

The Raleigh City Council on November 5th, 2014, approved an ordinance that establishes the Glenwood South Hospitality District. Following a one year pilot period, the program was renewed in December 2015.  The ordinance provides clarity and specifics for outdoor noise levels, and outlines an approach to resolving complaints by encouraging communication between residents and business owners.

Businesses within the Hospitality District are required to get a permit in order to play amplified sound. In 2022, the Office of Emergency Management and Special Events took over the permit processing for the Hospitality District Entertainment Permit. To learn more about that permit rules and regulations please visit the City’s Amplified Entertainment webpage.

To submit feedback about sound for the Hospitality District, please fill out this form.

Download the full hospitality district ordinance

Glenwood South is bounded by Peace Street to the north and Morgan Street on the south, Harrington Street to the east and St. Mary's Street to the west and roughly encompasses the businesses & residents within these blocks.  For more information about Glenwood South, including a map of the district, visit the DRA's website.

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