Hospitality District Ordinace

The Raleigh City Council on November 5th, 2014, approved an ordinance that establishes the Glenwood South Hospitality District. Following a one year pilot period, the program was renewed in December 2015.  The ordinance provides clarity and specifics for outdoor noise levels, and outlines an approach to resolving complaints by encouraging communication between residents and business owners.

The new Glenwood South Hospitality District is bounded by Peace Street to the north and Hillsborough Street on the south, and roughly encompasses the businesses within this blocks.  For more information about the hospitality district, including a map of the district, visit the City of Raleigh’s website.

The following information you may need to know about the Glenwood South Hospitality District.

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What you need to know to get started:

If you’re a resident

  • If you are disturbed by late night music, you are encouraged to identify the source of the disturbance and to pursue the first step of the complaint system, which involves attempting to resolve the issue with the business manager of the establishment involved.

  • A listing of all permitted businesses and their contact details is included within the Complaint Registration System.

  • If you are unable to contact the merchant or if you are not satisfied with the response, the next step is to register your complaint through the Complaint Registration System.

  • If the Noise Officer designated by the Chief of Police determines that a mediation process is warranted, you will be contacted.

  • To assist in the resolution of your complaint you are encouraged to participate in the mediation process.

If you’re a business owner

  • The pilot Hospitality District Entertainment Permit (HDEP) replaces the Outdoor Amplified Special User Permit for business owners located within the Glenwood South Hospitality District.

  • The HDEP allows permit holders to play recorded music or have live acoustic music subject to time of day and decibel limitations.

  • You are required to provide the contact details of the person (manager) responsible for the operation of the establishment, and to ensure the manager is accessible to respond to residents.

  • You are required to participate in the mediation process if warranted.

  • For a complete list of requirements and responsibilities for HDEP holders, please refer to the Hospitality District Ordinance.

Violations under the code can occur when:

  • Sound decibels exceed established noise ordinance limits.

  • Repeated failure of the business manager to speak with or otherwise respond to residents within a reasonable period of time after a phone call.

  • The permittee is unwilling to participate in the mediation process.